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With the arrival of a digital era in the graphic arts industry, a lack of agreeable standards hindered the progress of increasingly efficient methods for the creation and distribution of digital advertising. Thus, in collaboration with various industry groups such as Digital Ad Lab, SWOP and the former DDAP Association, Time Inc. advocated for the development and adherence of standards when creating digital advertising intended for print. It was decided upon that the specifications for PDF/X-1a compliant files would be suitable for all areas of the digital advertising process.

As of January 1, 2004, all ad files submitted to Time Inc. titles must be supplied in PDF/X-1a format.

Time Inc. will no longer accept native application files, such as QuarkXPress, PageMaker, etc. Additionally, TIFF/IT-P1 files are also not accepted.


NOTE: Diagrams are not to scale, also not all sizes are available. Please refer to the mechanical specifications below to see which are available.



Ad Size Bleed Trim Non-Bleed Safety/Live
Page 8.25” x 10.75” 8” x 10.5” 7” x 9.625” 7.5” x 10”
Spread 16.25” x 10.75” 16” x 10.5” 15” x 9.625” 15.5” x 10”
1/3 Page Vertical (One Column) 3” x 10.75” 2.75” x 10.5” 2.125” x 9.625” 2.25” x 10”
2/3 Page Vertical (Two Columns) 5.25” x 10.75” 4.875” x 10.5” 4.5” x 9.625” 4.375” x 10”
1/2 Page Vertical 4.125” x 10.75” 3.75” x 10.5” 3.125” x 9.625” 3.25” x 10”
1/6 Page Vertical N/A N/A 2.125” x 4.75” N/A
1/2 Page Horizontal 8.25” x 5.375” 8” x 5.125” 6.875” x 4.75” 7.25” x4.375”
1/2 Page Digest 5.25” x 8” 4.875” x 7.75” 4.5” x 7.25” 4.375” x 7.25”
1/3 Square 5.25” x 5.375” 5” x 5.125” 4.5” x 4.75” 4.5” x 4.625”

Saftey: .25" away from trim edges (.375" from bleed). Gutter safety: .25" on each side (.5" in total).

Please note when designing an ad with the expectation of an equal border on all sides, there is a 1/16” allowable tolerance in the trimming of our magazines. We require using a border with a minimum width of 3/8”.




Please adhere to the guidelines below when preparing files. Ensure that only one ad is included per PDF/X-1a file.

File Specification/General Guidelines Fonts Document Settings
Creating PDF/X-1a File
Note: Special consideration MUST be taken if you are designing an ad with a varnish or Scented area. Please CLICK HERE to Download a Spec. PDF for how to create the Ad.


Files must be submitted via the Ad Portal. Please click on the Ad Portal Guide link above to access step-by-step instructions on how to submit a file.


This title is presently using Press side Virtual Proofing at its printing plants and is no longer accepting hard proofs from advertisers.


Food&Wine magazine is Perfect Bound.