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Production Information

The PDF that was used for the print version will be used for the digital versions of the magazine. However, if the creative is not suitable or can not display properly in digital format, (For example, if the print ad has a spot color, or a bar code etc.) you will be asked to create a digital version of the ad and be uploaded to the ad portal. Please refer below for the specifications of the digital version of the ad.

Specifications for Digital Only versions of ads

NOTE: This title accepts Jpegs for digital only submissions. Please create a RGB Jpeg that is 3200 x 4475px at 300dpi

InDesign CS4 or older
(size in points: w x h)
Based on InDesign settings, measurements are:
  • Portrait: 768pt. x 1074pt.

InDesign CS5 or newer
(size in pixels: w x h)
Based on InDesign settings, measurements are:
  • Portrait: 768px. x 1074px.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When exporting a Jpeg from Indesign using the specifications above, Indesign will create the resulting Jpeg with the following dimensions: Portrait: 3200 x 4475px.,

Page Dimensions
Pixels for creation in Photoshop
  • Portrait: 3200 x 4475px. at 300DPI

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