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Ad Portal

Time Inc. - Ad portal

Section 1. Registration

Before you use the Ad portal you need to register with the system. This is to gather your user name, password and contact information. To register simply go to and click on the ”Click Here” link under the text ”First Time User”? Once you click it you will see the registration screen.

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AP2 Registration

Once you have filled out all the information click the ”I accept, create my account” button at the bottom.

After you click the button you will automatically be logged in.

Section 2. Sending an Ad

Once logged in you will see a welcome message that gives you a couple options to start with. To send an ad click the button next to ”Send an Ad”. If you want to never see this message again you can click the ”Don't show this again” check box at the bottom.

You will now fill out a Job ticket to give us some information about the ad. Please be accurate to avoid Miscommunication.

1. First you will be prompted for what type of ad you are uploading. Click the "Tablet/Mobile Ad" option.

3. Fill out the ad information.

You can also choose multiple issue dates. Simply select the first one from the Issues pull down. Then select another issue date from the Issues pull down.

4. Verify that the contact information is correct. By default the information will be what you used when you registered with the system.

To change the contact click the ”Change Contact” button. You will then be presented with a pull down menu. This list will be everyone who has registered from your company. If you don't see the correct persons name. Choose ”Add New Contact” you can then fill in a name, e-mail and phone number. Click the ”confirm this contact information”check box to continue.

5. In the Additional Instructions box you can type in any additional information that the magazine might need. Once you are satisfied with all the information Click the ”Choose Ad” button.

6. Click the ”Browse For File” button. Once your file is selected click the ”Upload” button. Note in addition to uploading the Zip file you created you have the option of uploading a preview Jpeg for Vertical and horizontal orientation. This is not requiered.

At the end of this, you have successfully completed sending your ad to Time Inc. The steps below are extra features which we encourage you to explore.

Section 3. Manage Ads

At any time you can see what ads have been uploaded and what stage they are in.

To manage ads simply log into your Direct2Time account by going to with your user name and password. Or if you are already logged in and viewing an ad click the ”Back” button (see Section 3).

On the left hand side of the screen you will see some available options.

Dashboard- This will take you to a screen that will show you some options of things you can do like send an ad or a revise.

Send My Ad- This will start the sending process of a new ad

Pickup an Ad- this will allow you to send an ad that is already complete to another Time inc. publication. (See section 6)

Ads- This will allow you to browse all of your ads that you have uploaded.

Ad sizes- This is a list of available ad specs. For the Time inc. titles.

Users/Groups/Company Profile- These are advanced features if you want someone in your organization to modify access right to people in your organization.

To see all your ads simply click the Ads option under Manage. You will be brought to a Thumbnail view of every ad that you have uploaded. If you want to see a list view click the List view button.

In both views you can see information about the ads. If you click on any ad it will open it so you can view it. In the list view you can sort any of the columns by clicking the column header.

By default you are going see every ad for every publication. If you want, you can filter the list by publications by selecting the all publications pull down. Further more you can filter even more by selecting the ”All Issues” pull down. So for example if you only want to see ads that were uploaded for the 2/9/09 issue of Sports Illustrated. You would first change the publication in the publications pull down to Sports Illustrated and then change the ”All Issues” pull down to the Issue date. The list of ads will only be displayed that are for that issue.

Also every ad has a ”Stage” assigned to it. This refers to where it is in the process.

- This indicates that everything is done and the publication has been notified.

-This indicates there is a problem with the ad. Either because it failed preflight or the ad needs to be re-positioned. Click on the ad to view the preflight report.

- This indicates that the file has not been approved yet. The publication HAS NOT been notified until the ad is approved. Further action is required for these ads. Click on the ad to view the preflight report and re-reposition the ad if necessary. Once you are satisfied with the positioning and the preflight warnings click the ”APPROVE AD BUTTON”.