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DFT Specs.


Designed For Tablet (DFT) description These are non-interactive ads designed to fit 4:3 or 16:9 tablet devices.

IMPORTANT: All Time Inc. titles run portrait-only



Templates for Download

These InDesign templates are based on a universal size to accommodate for various exports including 4x3 (iPad) and 16x9 (Android) devices. These templates have a note at top of the page that should be considered when re-designing the creative.

File/Creative Submission

InDesign CS4 or CS5.5 templates will be provided if needed. Resize creative within template and export one or two jpeg files at 300 DPI for file submission depending on the magazine title (dual vs. portrait-only orientation).

Ad Portal Instructions

Please Upload your file to

If you are not familar with the Direct2Time ad portal please click the Ad Portal Guide at the top. Otherwise follow this quick guide below.


DFT AD Specifications for all Tablet devices

InDesign CS4 or older
(size in points: w x h)
Based on InDesign settings, measurements are:
  • Portrait: 768pt. x 1074pt.

InDesign CS5 or newer
(size in pixels: w x h)
Based on InDesign settings, measurements are:
  • Portrait: 768px. x 1074px.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When exporting a Jpeg from Indesign using the specifications above, Indesign will create the resulting Jpeg with the following dimensions: Portrait: 3200 x 4475px.,

Page Dimensions
Pixels for creation in Photoshop
  • Portrait: 3200 x 4475px. at 300DPI

Hot Zone
Click here for illustrations
Tablet hot zones are at left, right and bottom margins.
Design Web-element/URL within safety zone:
  • 78 pt./px. from left and right.
  • 105 pt./px. from bottom
  • Web element/URL can be designed anywhere in page within safety zone

  • Web content should be designed (if possible) to display correctly within browser frame.
  • Although a site may display perfectly in a browser,
    it's not guaranteed that it will display as well in the device.
  • Web content is the legal responsibility of the advertiser.
  • Content is available only when user is online.
  • Sites should be HTML-based.