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This pushdown expands downward pushing the site content down with it, expanding creative opportunities and capturing audience attention. The Pushdown unit then auto collapses into a persistent ad on the page which can be expanded by our users for additional information and functionality. This unit is 970x66 in its collapsed state and 970x418 expanded. This unit can be third party served and requires a 5 day turnaround time for testing and positioning. All pushdown creatives require edit approval.

Assets required if is facilitating build: Specifications:

Video Transitional


As a user navigates from page-to-page, the Video Transitional ad unit serves between pages as a full page ad. This full page ad will then timeout after a specified duration before revealing the website. This unit is built and served by Sizmek. As such, will work with Sizmek to build this unit for our advertisers from the assets listed below.

.MOV file: Tracking: specifications: