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Standard Mobile Specs
Creative Size Max File Size Format
320x50 15 K .jpg/.gif/3rd party
300x250 40 K

Mobile Tap to Video MustList iPad App Specs
Ad Product Dimensions Max File Size Accepted Formats
Loading Screen Logo 122x42 30 K .gif w/ transparent background
Details Page Logo
Mosaic Tile 238x190 80k .jpg/.png/rich media - HTML5
Pinned Banner 728x90

Upon user initiated tap, all iphone/ipad app ads may call additional HTML5 compliant content to include:

The Must List Apple device applications are certified to run the following vendor creative tags:

HTML5 Specs

HTML5 is accepted by Time Inc. and will work correctly within HTML5 enabled browsers and environments. If users have the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Firefox, their browser is already capable of handling most code written in HTML5. If a user's browser is not updated, backup images will display instead of the HTML5 creative. HTML5 creative should follow the same advertising specifications as other Standard and Rich Media creative developed for each site. As with other rich media, HTML5 will require testing and approval 10 business days prior to launch.

Please review the following urls for a current list of HTML5 enabled browsers:

Approved Mobile Vendors
Please check our Approved Vendor Tab for the most current Certified Mobile Vendors.