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Meredith Advertiser/Agency Data Collection Policy

This policy (the "Policy") sets forth the policy of Meredith and its subsidiaries (collectively, "Meredith") with respect to the collection of information from end users of Meredith associated websites (the "Sites") by advertisers or advertising agencies through code and technology used in conjunction with advertising content appearing on or from the Sites.

Meredith prohibits the use of tags, cookies, pixels, clear gifs, HTML, web beacons, tracking systems and other code or technology in all forms and versions (collectively, "Code") in, or in connection with, advertising creative appearing on any Sites to collect information about visitors to such Sites, unless Meredith consents in writing in advance to the deployment of such Code. This is applicable with respect to all types of information, including any information about the end user's activities on the Sites, whether or not any elements of the information is personally identifiable. This also applies, without limitation, to the use of any Code being placed on the Sites via a third-party tag or other mechanism. This also prohibits the use of any Code which has the effect of overriding or reversing any end user choices (including an end user's deletion of any Code) with respect to privacy, behavioral tracking or data collection practices.

In addition, Meredith prohibits any Code which would otherwise place Meredith in violation of its published privacy policy for the Sites. To see Meredith's privacy policy, click here.

Prior to any advertising campaign going live on any Site, advertisers/agencies must (1) disclose to Meredith if they intend to include on, or disseminate any Code from, the Sites or in connection with the campaign; and (2) obtain Meredith's written approval as to the type of Code being used, the information being collected, and the use and disposal of the information collected. Any Code or use thereof not disclosed to Meredith shall be deemed unapproved, even if other Code or other uses of the Code have been approved.

Additionally, advertisers/agencies may not add new Code to an existing campaign without obtaining Meredith's prior written consent in each instance.

As part of the approval process, to the extent any Code includes opt-out mechanisms which are designed to be available to end-users of the Sites, advertisers/agencies must communicate that to Meredith so that Meredith can consider how to communicate the availability of such opt-out mechanisms to end users of the Sites.

Any Code expressly approved by Meredith shall be used solely to collect campaign performance metrics to the extent agreed to by Meredith and subject to any limitations imposed by Meredith In no event shall any information collected through the use of Code be combined with other information about specific end users of the Sites or in any other way be used to build user profiles. In no event shall any information collected through the use of Code be shared with any agency or advertiser or used to retarget, direct or otherwise influence end users on behalf of any agency or advertiser except as expressly authorized by Meredith in writing in advance as part of the approval process described above.

Meredith has the right, but is not obligated, to monitor the use of Code and/or report instances of non-compliance with this Policy to the applicable advertisers/agencies. Meredith may request and and cause immediate removal of any Code which Meredith believes may be in violation of this Policy. Upon Meredith's test, evaluation and approval of such Code as compliant with this Policy, and if Meredith provides permission for the inclusion of such Code (a condition of such permission may include a signed agreement with respect to permitted usage of the data collected from the Code), the Code may be restored.

Lack of compliance with this Policy could result in, among other things, the delay of launch or suspension of advertising campaigns.

All advertising campaigns must be designed and implemented on or through the Sites must be in strict accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

More information regarding Industry standards and best practices regarding data collection can be found at the IAB.

February 7, 2012

Vendor Approval Process

Should your vendor of choice not be included in the list above please contact the Ad Product Technology Group to initiate the Time Inc Digital Vendor Approval process.

NOTE: The Ad Product Technology Group does not manage the Online Advertising Sales process. To obtain online media placement on one of the Meredith digital properties please contact the sales representative for the site(s) you are interested in by visiting their respective media kits/advertising opportunities links located at the bottom of each site.

This process generally includes providing:

If you do not see a vendor listed above, they may be in the certification process. Please contact directly for current status.