Before You Begin

Ensure that you have downloaded and installed the DDAPv3 PPD, which can be found in the Time Inc. - Advertiser Kit.

For OS X installations, you may store the DDAPv3 PPD in either of the following directories:

Classic System/Extensions/Printer Descriptions

PPD Setup

Open the Printer Setup Utility from the Utilities folder in OS X.

Printer Setup Utility

Click on the Add icon.

Add Printer

Printer Setup

For Printer Type, select IP Printing

When selecting fonts, ensure that only PostScript Type 1 fonts are used.


For application specific instructions, select the corresponding links found in this guide section for more detailed information.

Check colors, type styles, and images.

Ensure that spot colors are only defined for items intened to be separated as spot.

Ensure that no artificial type styles are used.

Ensure that all images are high resolution and all links are updated as necessary.


Print PostScript file (See Application instructions for help with generation of PostScript file).

Distill PostScript file to PDF (For preflighting as well as file sumbission, we recommend that you create a high-resolution PDF file from the PostScript file).

View PDF after distilling and ensure that all elements are present. If possible, check the file using preflight software.

Send file to Time Inc. Ad Production Staff.