Create your new document These are the recommended steps to ensure you file will pass preflight the first time if you do not follow these steps you may have posision your ad in the Ad portal

Under the File menu, choose New Document In the Width and Height put the dimensions from the publications Trim specifications. Fill in the bleed information from the bleed spcifications.

Check The Page Size

Check The Colors Used

Select the Swatches Pallete in Illustrator and ensure that all colors not intended to separate as a spot color are set to separate as a process color equivalent.

All colors not intended to separate as a spot are defined as CMYK and the Color Type is Process.

Scroll through the colors and see if the intended spot colors are set to spot and the intended ones are converted to process.

Check The Colors Used

Double-click on a color to edit it.

Save The PDF File

Under the File menu, choose Save As...

Select Adobe PDF in the Format option, as shown below.

Name your PDF file and click Save.

Save As

Once you have named your PDF file, you will then be prompted to select the PDF settings.

Select [PDF/X-1a:2001] from the Adobe PDF Preset option, as shown below.

Save The PDF File

Select "Marks and Bleeds" On the left. Set the Marks to "All Printer's Marks". Make sure to set the "Offset" to at least .125". Otherwise your crop marks will be in the bleed area and you may be called at a later date to re-do it.

Set the Bleed to the Specificaton amount.

Save The PDF File

Simply click on the Save PDF button.