Before You Begin

Ensure that you have downloaded and installed the DDAP Distiller Options, which can be found within the Time Inc. - Advertiser Kit.

Launch Distiller

In the Job Options menu, ensure that DDAPOptimized2 settings are selected.

Launch Distiller

Distill PDF

Select your PostScript file you would like to distill.

Drag and drop the PostScript file into the lower section of the Acrobat Distiller pallete.

Distill PDF

Review PDF File

Open the PDF file that has been outputted from Acrobat Distiller.

Ensure that all components of the file are correct, such as image resolution, fonts, word wrap, trim, bleed, etc.

Preflight Output PDF

If you successfully received a PDF, it should be a PDF/X-1a compliant file. Nevertheless, Time Inc. recommends that the file undergo preflighting prior to submitting.